EZ BoatPort BP3000 with Side Extensions

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EZ BoatPort BP3000 with Side Extensions

EZ BoatPort BP3000 with Side Extensions


EZ BoatPort BP3000 with Side Extensions


The EZ BoatPort is the standard model and the foundation for market-changing technology, allowing you to drive your boat on and off with ease. Count on durability, adaptability and a full suite of features to take the worry out of dry docking.

The EZ BoatPort sports an innovative design to handle the elements that your watercraft encounters. Molded from heavy-duty linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), this platform’s customizable dimensions support up to 3,000 pounds.

Range from 6'6" W x 13'8" L to 9'9" W x 18'6" L
Side Extensions, a 140 square feet area and 3,000 lbs. capacity


  • Configurations to fit multiple boat shapes and sizes
  • Works with existing floating or fixed docks
  • Can be used in as little as 2ft of water without float tanks
  • No winching, cranking, or hoisting
  • Two skid bunk options to fit a variety of hull shapes and sizes
  • Up to three additional keel rollers for longer boats

Enjoy environmentally-friendly boat protection. EZ BoatPort absorbs impact with no harmful fillers and is fully recyclable. Since there’s no wood included in the platform, there’s no chemical output into our beautiful waterways. This model simply lifts your boat entirely from the water with no cranking or winching, shielding it from marine growth, waves and wakes to extend its life. Secure your investment with the optional front-mount cleat for better protection in rougher environments.

LLDPE also means lower maintenance needs for your port and an encouragement to live life barefoot without the worry of splinters. EZ BoatPort features anti-slip materials introduced during manufacture for safe walkways, stability and more secure boarding. 

Benefit even more from the EZ BoatPort’s versatility. The integrated flotation chambers change with water adjustments to make porting easy in as little as 2 feet of water. All of our boat ports combine seamlessly with existing structures and the full selection of EZ Dock sections, allowing you to create a unique solution for your residential or commercial boat-porting needs.


Adding side extensions to your floating dock provides extra-wide walkways, making maintenance like cleaning, covering and repairs completely accessible. With anti-slip texturizing and a barefoot-friendly surface, boarding and deboarding also become safer and more enjoyable. 

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